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i'm so tired - Don't tell anybody anything
If you do, you start to miss everybody

Date: 2013-02-02 06:46
Subject: i'm so tired
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Location:office at work
Music:Sims but i was thinking about the Sleigh Bells
there is a guy where i work currently trying to quit smoking cigarettes. good for him, i keep telling him. he's taking Chantix to help this. course i don't watch tv much so i don't crap about the side effects but now i've seen an ad and i'm scared for the guy. and this is after shawna tells me about an old friend's mother who was taking it and developed a mild bi-polar disorder for life. seems like a high price to pay to quit smoking. and this only one of the many side effects. i do always love the way at the end of ads for various meds that have drastic side effects, while the voiceover is running through the list of what could go wrong with you they persist to show some happy older lady or a semi-cute couple holding hands, walking along the beach. my favorite side effect this time (besides the obviously not worth the risk - suicide!, really?) is "weird dreams". that what they said, weird dreams. what does that even mean? aren't many dreams by nature a bit on the odd side?
i plan to ask him this morning if his dreams have been especially strange lately.
first i should vacuum.......but i probably won't.

been reading the Phineas Poe books again. i lost my copies, all three books over the past few years. plowed through Kiss Me Judas in a couple of days, mostly at work. Just started Penny Dreadful.
i would have read more last night but i'm too tired, lacking focus. it's day four in a five day work week this week, getting 56 hours instead of my usual 36 in three days.
so goddamn am i tired.
something about reading books told from Phineas' point of view while really, really tired that makes it easier to understand in a more empathic way. which is frighten. that quote i've liked about hearing thunder and looking to sky waiting for a big storm to come but it only your own blood pounding in your head and you're having a panic attack comes from somewhere in Penny Dreadful. i haven't gotten to yet but i'm gonna smile when i do. the smile of one who understands for too well what someone else is trying to say.
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ebinfraggle: corey
User: ebinfraggle
Date: 2013-03-01 12:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
i just finished Hell's Half Acre on tuesday evening. actually it wasn't even 4pm and i was reading slow on purpose cause i only had that book with me and nothing else to read. "just like Cool Hand Luke should be....ten fucking feet tall"
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