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the way my job works now - Don't tell anybody anything
If you do, you start to miss everybody

Date: 2013-03-29 03:18
Subject: the way my job works now
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Location:work, the office
Music:O' Brother Where Art Thou
i have no access to television again.
no couch, fewer comfy chairs
less rooms to hang out in
no kitchen access
with this lack of useful things i also have less work to do.
more free time and nowhere to spend it, nothing to spend it on


in the past month or two i have started and finished:
1 Nick Mamatas book
2 Charles Gillman books
but mostly Terry Pratchett. at least a half dozen Discworld books
and a David Bowie biography
the third Phineas Poe book (Hell's Half Acre) was completed in this time frame and probably most Penny Dreadful as well
some Lovecraft short stories
tonight i started The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and by the end of the weekend i figure i'll have moved onto Nightwatch. (the movie is cool so i have high hopes for the book)
i plan to read the new Neil Gaiman as well as soon as possible

as awesome as this is i feel like i'm not accomplishing anything by it. this is just a residual thing from a summer where all i did was hang out in the library reading. that summer i didn't work, barely put in applications. i just spent my days reading Ginnesburg, Bukowski, Vonnegut, Easton Ellis, and so many others. I reread almost all Kerouac. but looking back and most likely at the time i felt like a loser. i was 20 years old no job no ambition staying on friends couches or even at my mothers house.

and now i'm going through books at a rate that is far too close to that summer and i'm feeling strange.

then again i'm getting paid to read books so i should probably shut the fuck up and think about what to read next.
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