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Dave's life in the past month or so - Don't tell anybody anything
If you do, you start to miss everybody

Date: 2013-05-19 02:09
Subject: Dave's life in the past month or so
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there was this couple that Dave knew that i'd been avoiding for a while. mostly at first it was because the gal kept trying to get Dave to come over and try to convince the guy to quit drinking. I admit that from what I heard he was pretty low, the amount of constant drinking did have a certain rock bottom quality to it. but eventually he got caught drunk driving (again) with his five year old son in the car. (actually I found out later that the wife called the cops on him, didn't put up a fight to not have the kid in the car when he left drunk or anything just called the cops on him)
after that Dave would come and watch the kid for short periods of time, 30 minute to a hour clips. then it turned into a plan for them all to live together somewhere south of here. I tried to be realistic about all of the plans but Dave wouldn't listen. eventually it all fell through and she just started letting Dave stay where they were living anyways. I tried to warn him against this as well but he didn't listen. this turned into Dave taking the kid to and from school quite frequently and doing many of the household chores, and chipping in half of food costs.
it was getting to a boiling point where Dave was getting ready to leave when she got pulled over with pills and weed in her car one night as Dave was at the house watching the kid. and it turns out she was on felony probation for.....well, I don't know. I assume drugs. cause it turns out she's been shooting meth practically the whole time Dave's been living there. and this whole time she's telling Dave that she's staying off everything but pot and Dave's believing every word.
so from jail she telling child protective services that Dave and some neighbor lady would take temporary custody of the kid until the end of the school year and maybe until she got out on bond. of course she didn't get out on bond. so Dave's been the legal guardian of a 6 year old boy. yeah, he turned six with both parents in jail. no one knows when the mom is getting out, and dad's in for 15 years.
but school is almost over and hopefully the kid can get into the hands of some family somewhere instead of the system.
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