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an afterthought to the Chance the Rapper show involving old friends and Facebook - Don't tell anybody anything
If you do, you start to miss everybody

Date: 2013-12-15 05:17
Subject: an afterthought to the Chance the Rapper show involving old friends and Facebook
Security: Public
Location:work, the office
Mood:pensive and a bit regretful
Music:You Forget It In People
"...when you can't take your dead friends names out your phone." This
is an Aesop Rock quote. I, when first hearing the track was struck
by this sort of seeming comment. I felt a kinship to this theory.
I don't take my dead friends names out of my phone. If it dies I
don't go as far as to put them back in, but I don't actively erase.
The same theory goes to social media and I've found this to be a very common thing. A family member or close friend or former lover
operates the site under the deceased name in a non-distasteful way.
You know just to keep it up and running and available for us (those who knew them but don't live near the grave or have photos we can look through in our possession) to see them or pretend to communicate with them again. I find this polite and maybe a bit unhealthy (for the site overseer) but on the whole very unselfish and kind.
I decided to look back on the amount of back and forth internet communications someone I knew (who has passed away) and I had on Facebook. I went to the page that is labelled in bolder black letters You and (insert name here).
It is here where I find one sad comment.
On Sunday Feburary 26 2012 at 6:03pm the only comment that was ever exchanged between us occurred.
That's what he said, I mean wrote for me on my Facebook wall.
This taken in the wrong context sounds so sad and horrible. I know it wasn't like that, we were cool. We also had a semi-cruel sense of humor toward each other. But.....as time passes my memory fails me and I become concerned. Was the only contact we had in the time between when he moved out of town and when he died, him calling me a prick. Is this really the only accessible communication. Others can see this.
I do remember exchanging some messages a couple of times, but those are more hidden, a personal exchange.
This might be as simple as me trying to not be seen as someone a guy died hating. Of course I know that that is not the case. We were cool. He for some reason was always cool to me and I like him. He was a good guy. A bit foolish at times but of among us isn't?
When I started writing this I was listening to a song called Missing You and although the song is not heavy on that theme lyrically (for some reason) I couldn't help but miss him.
This really stems from a night a couple nights ago where I saw a guy across the room and both my girlfriend and I looked at him and as I said something about the resemblance my girlfriend said "I know. I thought the same thing." I say he would have loved it there that night. It was the concert of the guy who's Missing You song I was just listening to.
For the record his phone number is still in my phone. And I hope my phone never dies.
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