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i usually don't understand what i said to make people mad - Don't tell anybody anything
If you do, you start to miss everybody

Date: 2014-03-02 05:55
Subject: i usually don't understand what i said to make people mad
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Location:work, the office
Mood:tired, lazy, bored though
Music:gaslight anthem to shovels and rope
I should be doing homework. I have a test in my Ethics class and I have three short stories to read by Tuesday. But alas I am lazy.

Just finished some of my cleaning for the night. Mopped the office while listening to Mitch Hedberg album. Classic.

I've been writing a lot lately but it doesn't feel very good. I'm in two writing classes and its just....I don't know exactly. Not as fun or easy maybe...I really don't know why its been so unpleasant lately.

On a more positive note I got tickets to see Neko Case and Shovels and Rope. Not together, different shows. Should be good times.

I am lately oddly comfortable about not talking to people.
A former co-worker ran into Shawna earlier and asked her how I was. She told him I was good, school work and whatnot. He hasn't run into myself or Shawna in a while and didn't know for certain that we were still a couple. This thought occurred to him after already asking how I was. So after that he goes on to ask if she's still dating me. Shawna makes a joke about how we broke up and she just stalks me is all. A laugh is had by all. She tells me this exchange this evening before I went to work. My only responds was that stalking me would be the most boring stalking ever. Home, work, school, and the walks to and from any of them.

In class I avoid talking if at all possibly. One class is online and the public forum is key part of the class. In which I somewhat participate in. I find that what I say is often taken well. Even my David Sedaris bashing was taken fairly well.

I don't want to ever go back to Wisconsin. I am though. My grandmother is turning 80 and wants to get the whole family together.

I wish I had the time to binge out on Octavia Butler novels and seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation.

"I should probably to be dragged out to sea. Lay Low baby, I probably won't be back anytime soon"
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